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December 4, 2010

Hi guys,

Imogen Heap -Just for Now

This artist is pretty talented. But I was wondering how she fits into our class discussions. She definitely uses technology in a creative way. Similar to the guys of Atomic Tom.

Atomic Tom -Take me Out

I guess Atomic Tom relate to the phenomena spoken of in last weeks reading. They definitely aren’t the first to use iPhones to jam.  It’s interesting how artists find different mediums of sharing music. Just thought these two vids were cool enough to share with my super cool class. Hope you guys enjoyed it. =)

On a side note, I give a presentation on Monday and am super nervous!! Any tips? I’ll present on the topic of my final paper, popular music in advertising. While reading on the topic, I notice that I’ve lived through the era in which this phenomena evolved. In the earlier days this act would be likened to “selling-out”, however it’s recently become more acceptable and TV has become the platform of publicity.

Sting’s “Desert Rose” was not played by radio artists upon its release. Radio wanted to show that this type of music was not desired by the public. In backlash Sting licensed the song with a Jaguar commercial. After that, audiences demanded the song from radio.

I guess I’ll say that in my presentation. Thanks for reading this random blurb. Comment if you like, hate, LOVE…ok maybe thats a far cry…Comment!

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2 Responses to “Random blurb…”

  1.   Amy Herzog Says:

    Really interesting videos for us to discuss in terms of using technology, and in terms of promotion and marketing for “indie” bands. Hope you get some more input!

    If you have examples that are half as interesting as these tomorrow, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It is a forgiving crowd 🙂

  2.   Priest Says:

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